FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions


How do I sell my home through TPG?
Simple! Call or email us for a free estimate. We will make decision on how much we are willing to pay based on public records, information gathered from you, current condition, and location of your home. Next, we will schedule a time to come out and see your home. We handle all arrangements forsettlement ourselves, saving you time, hassles, and most importantly, money. Best of all, we can make this happen as quickly as a few days, so you can move ahead with your future plans.
Why should I sell my house to you for cash?

We are the actual buyer! You pay us no commission, in fact, we will pay all settlement costs and take your property "as-is"- no fix-ups, clean-ups, no fuss. You can even leave items in the house you no longer want. We will take care of disposing it for you.

Our business is to buy homes. If the seller would rather not go through the hassle of listing the home to avoid having people tramping through the house with no certainty that these buyers are qualified and able to settle, then selling to us is a solution.

If another company is offering to buy your home, they ought to be able to prove that they have the cash to do so. You should always ask for a "proof of funds" letter. We are glad to provide ours to qualified sellers.

While we do not claim to be the only people in the business, we do claim to be one of the fewqualified, professional real estate purchasers who can back up what we say. We will make the process easy for you, legal, and bankable. We mean what we say.

Can you come out to see my house today?
Most definitely. Just about any day except Sunday could work... during the day, morning or evening, is fine with us.
What if my house isn't in perfect condition?
Trusted Property Group purchases properties in any condition from excellent to uninhabitable. Do not hesitate to call us at 877-750-8787 to discuss your home regardless of the condition. We visit with hundreds of home sellers a year and see all types of properties. There is no need to wait until the house "looks better", we have seen it all and will not judge your home. We will look at your home with an open mind and work with you to arrive at a solution for purchasing your home that works for you and us.
Is there a fee to work with Trusted Property Group?
There is no fee. We are your buyer. We are cash buyers. You get money the day of settlement.
How quickly can you settle?
We are proud of the fact that we can settle quickly. We have been able to do some settlements in as little asthree days. But some sellers would like a little more time, so we work with you to determine the most convenient date regardless of the timeframe you may need.
Do you actually pay cash?
Well, would you like to leave settlement with cash? Are you sure you would like to carry that amount of large bills around! Most people would not. What we mean by "cash" is that we do not need to be approved for a loan, so we can settle quickly and you get a check from our settlement attorney.
Where does the settlement take place?
At our settlement attorneys office -Kagen, MacDonald and France P.C.,2675 Eastern Boulevard,York, PA 17402.Phone717-757-4565and fax717-755-4708.
Is there any type of inspection that will need to be done?
No formal inspections will take place. With thirty years of combined experience we trust ourselves to determine the condition of the property. No termite reports, no radon reports, no lead paint reports, none. What we see is what we get.
Will you offer me the same as the assessed value?
Asessed value often haslittle to do with market value. Sometimes these values are close to the same, sometimes they are very far apart. Each situation is different.
What do you do with the properties after you purchase them?
What we do with the property is determined by the percentage of homeowners on the block and in the neighborhood. For higher percentages of homeowners we upgrade and/or renovate those properties and offer them to homebuyers. For properties in neighborhoods with lower percentages of homeowners, those properties are sold to other investors who in turn fix them up and sell them to homeowners or in most cases keep them for rental. However, in all cases, we are the buyer. Our purchase of your property takes place regardless of what we intend to do with the property after sale. There are no loan contingencies in any of our contracts. We pay you cash, all settlement costs, and take your property in its current ("as-is") condition.
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In which areas do you sell homes?
We have homes available in York, Dauphin, Cumberland, Lancaster and Adams counties. We pride ourselves in renovating and updating the homes we offer for sale andthink you will be proud to own your new home.
What if I don't see a home that I like?
We are constantly purchasing and renovating homes, so check the website often because we frequently post new properties in a variety of townships. If you are in a hurry to purchase a home, contact us directly, as we have access to other sources to help you find you a home. You can reach us by dialing 888-750-8787 or emailing our property specialist at wade@trustedpropertygroup.com.
I am not prequalified to purchase a home; can I still look at one of your homes?
Yes, contact us at 888-750-TRUSTED or email wade@trustedpropertygroup.com.Whether you have a specific property in mind orjust looking, we will work with you to determine if one of our properties makes sense for you.
What should I do if I have bad credit or don't think I can qualify to purchase a home?
Often your credit is not as bad as you think, or it may just need to be established. We have a team of specialists who can review your credit history and help structure a solution allowing you the opportunity to realize your dream of home ownership. Many options for financing are available to help you purchase the home you want, TPG also offers owner financing in certain situations.
How does your owner financing program work?
Generally speaking our owner financing is designed to be a creative way to bridge the gap to allow a buyer to gain long-term financing. In some situations Trusted Property Group is willing to finance the loan as the owner of the property for a longer term with a reasonable down payment.Naturally, TPG reviews all aspects of your ability to qualify. This includes looking at your credit history and income, among many other factors, that help us determine the best solution to allow you to purchase a professionally renovated TPG home.
How large of a down payment will I need?
This will depend on a number of factors.Credit history and job stability play a big role in how much down payment you will need.The location of the property may also determine the amount needed.There are a variety of programs available, with some requiring as low as zero monies down.Again, if you think you have bad credit or just can't qualify due to income or job history, please contact us. We will review your information and work with you on a solution to allow you to purchase a TPG home.
How long does it take for settlement until I am in my home?
Depending on the payment method, TPG could help you be in your new home within a week.Nationally, the average time for a buyer seeking financing to purchase a home ranges from 30-45 days.However, we excel at expediting this process, so we will work diligently to ensure that you are in your new home as quickly as possible.
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Why should I buy properties from another investor?
You should not - unless you do not have the time and resources to find deeply discounted properties on your own.We realize that TPG is not the only source where investors can find deals, but we want to be a trusted source for you. When you consider one of our wholesale properties, you have our guarantee that we have provided you with the most accurate information we have available and will work with you to help you be successful.
Where do you find your deals?
We have numerous sources for finding great deals. We have strong relationships within the real estate industry and with key individuals who understand the value we provide in assisting when a property needs to be sold quickly and with no hassle.In addition, we have a very targeted marketing program that focuses on finding motivated sellers who seek the professional home-buying solutions TPG offers.
How can you help me get started?
Any investor TPG works with is treated with professionalism and respect.If we sell you a property, we want you to achieve your financial goals as well as provide us with the opportunity to do more business with you.As a result, we take an active role in your investment activities when we sell you a property. From finding you the right property to providing resources and guidance with the rehab process, Trusted Property Group is there for you. Finally, we advise you on the best avenues for your respective exit strategy.We do not charge for any of the resources, guidance, or advice we provide to you.This is part of helping you to be successful with your real estate investments.
How do I invest in real estate if I don't have the time or resources?
If you simply do not have the time to manage a rehab project and get a property sold and you understand that real estate yields great returns, we offer an exclusive investor program.This program is available to a limited number of participants, so contact us to find out whether you qualify.You can reach our investor specialist, Wade Williams, at 717-858-8382 or wade@trustedpropertygroup.com.
Can you help me secure funding to purchase your properties?
We have access to a number of private money lenders and hard money lenders if you do not have ready cash.By working with the Trusted Property Group, you can secure reasonable terms: around 3-5 points, 13%-15% interest, with a loan maturity ranging from 6-12 months.
Why should I buy the deals you don't want, since you probably keep the best deals for yourselves?
We hear that a lot, and we assure you that to maintain our integrity, we offer all of our properties first to other investors at wholesale prices.Our price may not always make sense to another investor, but the opportunity to buy the property at a discounted value is always available.We buy properties at the best possible value but realize that not all of our properties will make sense for other investors. As a result, we always buy with the intention of renovating the property ourselves.
Will you help me through my first or next investment?
When you purchase one of our wholesale properties, we have a vested interest in your success.We rely heavily on word-of-mouth referrals among investors, and the best way to get more referrals is to make the investors to whom we have already sold a property very happy.We provide you, at no cost, resources, referrals, and guidance when you purchase one of our wholesale properties.If you are purchasing one of our discounted wholesale properties, we will put you in a position where you can succeed.

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